Have you ever had toys in your childhood ? 

Such as car toys, airplane toys, motorcycle toys, toy boat, toy train, and various other toys that make you happy at that time, makes you forget the time.

Besides forgetting the time when playing with those toys, are there any toys that make you think this is cool and make you think how to make it and because toys are miniatures or replicas of the original objects, have you ever thought that it would be very beneficial for human life?

I have experienced this, like thinking about how a ship can float on water so that humans can use it for transportation, how cars and trains move and how planes can fly, how video games work and make them.

I often think about all these things, until I often make sketches of ideas about the shape of my toys on the walls of my house with pencils etc. 

At that time I don't know about the world of engineering, computers, software programming, art, design etc because at that time when I was little I didn't have a computer and internet access etc.

It was only when I was in high school that I got to know computers and played more games but had started to know a little about computer programming, and when I quit college I started getting to know the world engineering design, and computer programming, even though I actually knew and learned it myself during high school.

On this blog I want to share about my experience, knowledge and passion / inspiration about the world of engineering, design and other benefits for human life.

Welcome to my blog.


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